Amalie Wessel
Amalie Wessel has been part of the Danish blog community since 2010 making her one of the bloggers who have experienced the interesting development of blogging as a way of life. Blogging since the age of 14 she has taken her readers along the ride of growing up to be the (almost) adult she is now.

Her blog is centred around fashion, specifically her personal style, music and sarcastic articles about everything from stereotypes in the Danish nightlife to unwritten rules on Snapchat.

She is based in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, not far from Copenhagen Business School where she is taking her bachelor degree in Business Administration & Corporate Communication. Before this she has studied Journalism at Vallekilde Højskole, so clearly the media has always been a huge interest of hers and continues to be her main focus. Welcome to the space in which she lets her creative mind loose.