Rainbow Dash

My name is Caroline Plummer. I live in Nørrebro in Copenhagen and this is probably the area in which I spend most of my time hanging out with friends and my boyfriend, shopping, drinking black coffee and so on...

My blog, Rainbow Dash, is named after my favorite My Little Pony and I have been blogging through that domain since 2011. However, I actually started my blogging career when my former colleague at Cover, Sidsel Alling asked me to join her awesome blog Fashionpolish back in 2010, so I guess I have her to thank for ending up in the blogging-world.

I mostly blog about fashion, including daily outfits, wish-lists, inspirational posts etc. However, I make sure not to limit myself, so I also spend a lot of time writing about other things, such as pop cultural stuff, beauty etc.

I got my Master's Degree from Copenhagen University in January 2017, where I wrote my final thesis on cultural appropriation of African American culture particularly focusing on literature, culture and fashion. Subsequently to my graduation I started working full time in advertising, after having been a student employee within the business for three years.